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Non-Profit Events

Just ShutterUP is a great addition to any non-profit event. If it is a black-tie gala or a fund raising picnic, the booth adds a special touch of excitement, fun and playfulness to the atmosphere. It also is a great way to send each guest home with a personalize and branded souvenir of the event.


 "But we don't have money in the budget for a photo booth!" 
exclaim most event planners.

What if YOU didn't have to pay for the booth?

With our capability to brand the top and bottom of the film strip as well as have custom green-screen backgrounds, it is a great marketing proposition for a company to come in and sponsor the booth at your event. They get to support your non-profit and have on average 275 filmstrips with their information circulating around. You increase the positive memories of your event and send your guests home with adorable photos of themselves! Learn more, about how this can work for everyone involved!


Some of Our Non-Profit Clients